Sunday, October 13, 2013

Selecting Dresses for Wedding Guest: Bridesmaids Dresses

Wedding dresses are among the most important considerations when planning for a wedding. Some brides who got married often say that choosing dresses for wedding guests is quite a challenge as there are different body types, variations in height, and different complexions to complement. Also, there is the question of budget and fitting. The truth is finding beautiful dress for wedding guest can be stress free. Just follow these tips.

1.    Gather the girls.

If you are the bride choosing your entourage, chances are you know these ladies really well that you can schedule an appointment with the dress maker together. If you are planning to get married abroad, it is vital that you schedule the fitting ahead of time. Or if you are planning to buy readymade summer wedding dresses for guests, you can take them with you, so shopping can be more fun.

2.    Choose a universally flattering shade of your motif.

All colors have a most wearable shade. You just have to find it. Usually, it is a muted tone that matches the most complexions. For example, if your chosen motif is green, you can choose sea green or mint green. It would have to depend on which one is easier to wear.

Your dresses for wedding guest will be seen in hundreds of photos, so you have to make sure that they photograph well too.

3.    Put comfort first.

Whether you are interested in buying a Thai wedding dress for you or beach wedding dresses for guests, it is essential to place priority on comfort. If you will be having a beach wedding for example, you can ditch the constricting cuts and choose flowy styles with light fabrics. Also, it is important to choose cool fabrics if your guests are not used to a warm climate.

4.    Choose a different style for each body type.

Not all your bridesmaids should wear halter gowns. You can create a coordinated entourage by keeping the fabric and the colors similar. As for the cut, you can be more varied. Choose plus size dresses for wedding guests with fuller figures and don’t force them to wear styles that will only look great on a size 2 woman. All of your bridesmaids have to look their best, so consider that they have unique body types and would look great in different dress cuts.

5.    Have a heart for pregnant bridesmaids.

If one of the ladies is carrying a baby, make sure that you find her a comfortable dress---one that is flattering too. The would-be mom will appreciate it.

6.    Shop for matching footwear as well.

Like dresses, the footwear is an essential part of the whole look. Choose comfortable shoes for beach weddings, or if you want, you can wear jeweled sandals or flip flops instead. It’s your call.

7.    You can wear floral prints.

Beach weddings are a great excuse to wear tropical inspired dresses and sarongs. Why not give it a try and add some twist to your wedding?

Choosing dresses for weddings in koh samui can be fun too. Just follow these simple tips and enjoy!